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Spring Blooms


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Being quarantined has been tough. You know it, I know it, the world knows it. But it still feels good to acknowledge the toughness together sometimes. So know that I see you, and I hope you see me. We’re all striving to be our best in a tough time, and I think we’re doing it rather beautifully.

I grew up outdoors. My parents and I would camp for weeks at a time when I was young. As an adult, the outdoors are simply a necessary part of my life. One of my hobbies pre-quarantine was walking around Newfields Gardens in Indy, more often than was necessary or normal. So for me, one of the toughest things about quarantine has been denying the constant urge to do just that, go outside.

Spending time outdoors hasn’t been an issue for everyone, I know. I live on a busy city street, in a duplex, in a heavily populated area though. So it’s been a huge issue for me. Our small backyard has been a lifesaver, but man does it fall short.

So after not leaving my house for two weeks, Elliot and I made a day trip to Cincinnati to see some new views while social distancing. 

I have been to Cincinnati before, on quick trips primarily for business. But it was amazing how little I remembered about the city. This time, I soaked everything in.

On the drive in Elliot and I kept picking out spots of purple flowering trees among the green ones, like they were golden eggs in a Giant’s den. Once we made our way into the city we each kept pointing out every little “pretty thing” we saw. We had to laugh at each other eventually, because we knew we were responding to Cincinnati like we’d just accidentally driven into Paris, but it was just so nice to see something new. 

I searched “top sights in Cincinnati” and looked for anything I thought might still be open and fairly unpopulated. I directed us to the Roebling Murals on the Floodwalls of Covington, KY and we headed off. Cincinnati was a lovely mix of old and new. There were enough brick buildings and string light covered streets to make it feel romantic, but a newness to the paved walkways and shop signs that made it feel new and “happening” even with the quarantine quietness all around.

We ended up deciding not to cross the bridge to see the floodwalls up close, because we found exactly what we were looking for along the way. We saw a gorgeous old bridge and a big river and pulled over. 

We walked towards the water and found gorgeous landscaping everywhere. Whichever horticulturist was in charge of planting the gardens along the river really outdid themselves. 

It could have been my Corona-Goggles, or the magic of Spring, or it could just be that Cincinnati is a beautiful city. Either way, when this is all over, if you get a chance to take a Spring walk along Cincinnati’s river bank- do it.

spring quarantine walk, Cincinnati, spring tulips on river side

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