To Die For Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars from Magnolia Table

Hello lovely people! Let’s talk about some AMAZING lemon bars! Personally, I’m a huge sucker for all things lemon but WOW these are the best lemon bars I’ve ever had!

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I got the Magnolia Table cookbook for Christmas and this was my first attempt at one of Joanna Gaines’s recipes and in true Jo-fashion, she did not disappoint! I love to bake, and I love to tweak and mess with recipes until they’re “perfect.” Now, I’ve made these bars four or five times, and I still can’t think of a way to make them better than they already are. The experimental baker in me is slightly upset, but overall I think they’re just too good to mess with.


Now before I get into all the “How-to” of making these scrumptious treats, I’m going to lay out the recipe here, because I always hate having to scroll all the way to the bottom of a blog post to find the recipe:

Mina’s Lemon Bars Recipe:





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